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Season 4 Chapter 1

I put off playing fortnite for a long time but finally thought I'd try it and other modern f2p games. It turned out a lot more fun than I expected! I've mostly only played solo no build BR and some custom maps. It feels a lot more casual than I was expecting and most deaths feel like my fault since the time to kill is pretty high.
I did fall for some of the furry skins after playing for a while. The battlepass is also fun to unlock things often as you play, it's also easy to complete doing just weeklies and catch up xp boosts. There's also usually and event or two going on with some sort of free unlock that requires you to do tasks across the map. I did start playing a lot less after I completed the battlepass, not sure how I feel about that.
The game has a update every 2 weeks that adds/removes a weapon or two, or adds some event items, or even changes the game rules.
There are bots when you first start playing and I don't like the deception they go to to pretend they aren't bots, with human-ish names or anon mode. There is skill based matchmaking, so when you get started or if you're bad, there will be a lot more bots in each match.

Free on Epic Game Store or streamed


Still playing, need to learn to get more social instead of exploring alone.

Free on steam


Run a restaurant as a chef, waiter, dishwasher, and more either by yourself or with a group of 4 (12 with a mod) local or over the internet.
Rougelike progression overall where you unlock more main dishes, maps, selection count, and items to take into new runs as you play more, then in each game between rounds you buy randomized items and can rearrange. The main goal is to finish day 15, after which, when you fail in the endless overtime rounds, let you start a new run with some modifiers from the run.
Modding is easy because it uses steam workshop.

I think I have more fun with it in single player but multiplayer is fun too, might just be I was playing with newbies haha.

Buy on steam

Dwarf Fortress

Probably my favorite game, I like management sims. Like an ant farm but you're helping dwarves build a forttress.

Buy on steam here or free with ascii graphics here

Hypnospace Outlaw

An early web exploration based game, feels like exploring second life or geocities.

Buy on steam here

Second Life

Kinda like the internet but in 3d. Very fun to explore what other people have made over the years. Somewhat like exploring an unknown culture. Can also make (& sell!) your own textures and models.
Has gotten a little boring for my playstyle of just exploring around, but it was a very interesting while it lasted. Also fun with friends.
Free to start but many in-game items cost real money and so does uploading your own items.

Make an account here then use this program to log in.

Cruelty Squad

A very stylistic open level shooter. (made in godot!)

Buy on steam here


A creepy card game that's hiding a bit more... The less you know going into this one the better! As long as you like card games you'll have fun.
The last part seemed a little slow paced to me but I didn't build a very good deck.
There's a cute stoat friend.

Buy on steam here

Elden Ring

My fave FromSoftware game so far! Tons of variety, the open world helps solve a problem I had with earlier souls games where I give up way to quick and want to do something else other than attempt the same boss over and over. In this there are very few chokepoints where you have to fight a certain boss and that's it.
Jar people are neat and theres lots of cool monsters.

Buy on steam here

Persona 5: Royal

A very stylish jrpg/social sim with an alright battle system. Very long, ~130 hours for my playthrough. The story drags on in several parts and for especially tropey reasons. Got me interested in jrpgs. Lots of interesting monster designs.

Buy on steam here

Gaming Tips

If your switch docking station usb ports aren't working try: turning off the switch all the way, removing it from the dock, putting it back in, wait for it to start a bit.
You don't need to pay to play free to play games online on consoles. Like you can play Fortnite without paying for PSN/Xbox live/Switch online.
If you can't pair your controller to your switch, try disconnecting all controllers in settings, then rebooting.
PS Remote Play lets you stream games from your ps4/ps5 to your phone/tablet. No need for PSN. Can wake your ps4 from sleep if you set it up in settings. You can either use touch controls or a ps4 controller paired to your phone.
Steam Link for remote playing steam games, xbox app for remote playing xbox, geforce now app for nvidia card owners
You can stream to twitch directly from your phone or ps4/xbox.

Free Games

You can stream Fortnite in your browser for free here, but only with a controller or touch. I like to imagine they have a bunch of xbox series s's as their backend.
all/most: fortnite, apex legends, cod warzone 2, rocket league, overwatch 2, super animal royale, pubg, roblox, fall guys, destiny 2, warframe, yugioh master duel, multiversus, genshin, smite,
pc: dwarf fortress, super auto pets, tf2, sven coop, dota 2, lol, second life, srb2kart, csgo, free epic game of the week, openttd, halo infinite, totally accurate battlegrounds, aim lab, xonotic,
mobile: super auto pets, among us, tft, wild rift, vampire survivors, cod, mario kart tour,
upcoming mobile: warzone mobile, the division mobile, destiny mobile, overwatch mobile, rainbow 6 mobile,


To Write

games: fortnite, mario kart tour, loop hero + check out updates, sven coop, tf2, rimworld, openrct, nitw, dq builders 2, god of war ps4, uncharted series, mario odyssey, hunt: showdown, spiderman ps4, south park games, persona 4, goose game, halo mcc, arma 3 antistasi, katamari, isaac,
tv: space ghost coast to coast, flying circus, tim & eric, wkuk, old iron chef, mst3k, athf, TNG, voyager, ds9, black adder,
anime: one outs, hunter x hunter, akagi, hikaru no go, digimon seasons 2-4, panty and stocking, code geass, fma (both), cowboy bebop, trigun, ouran host club,
disappointments: halo infinite,
controllers: ps3, ps4, ps5, switch pro, joycons, xbone, steam, wired powerA switch, wired pdp faceoff switch, 8bitdo sf30 pro,
mice: logitech mx518, g503, g203, razer deathadder,

To Play/Watch

games: return of the obra dinn, disco elysium, hades, kenshi, finish bloodborne, kirby, xenoblade 1, wonderful 101,
anime: MHA 5 (I forget what I last saw), Bleach tybw, yu yu hakusho, new trigun, berserk, beastars, demonslayer s2, brand new animal?, jojo finish stardust crusader, evengelion rebuild, hajime no ippo,
anime rewatch: trigun, pop team epic

cartoons: smiling friends, new puss in boots movie, the owl house
rewatch cartoons: athf,


far side virtual, 2 thick, fall out boy,

Virtual Reality

I put off getting into VR because the games didn't seem worth it. I've finally been getting into VRChat because I want to make 3d models for it so I finally have a reason. I've tracked down a used Vive for $250, lets see how it goes.


VRChat, half life alyx, beat saber, phasmophobia, roblox, the lab, COMPOUND, minecraft, tower unite, tetris effect, Euro Truck Simulator 2, thumper, fnaf?,
Bigscreen - its surprisingly hard to find vr video players, this combines that with multiplayer watching things together.


youtube vr, paint vr?,
vr video player - play videos (or any probram!) in vr either projected on a sphere or on a flat plane like a theater.


ReVive - play oculus games on ovr hardware
LIV - stuff for streaming - show avatar in game, better camera controls, twitch chat
SuperDepth3D VR - play many existing games in vr (any that has a depth buffer on this list). Need to install reshade and select the superdepth3dvr shader. Use by launching game in a virtual desktop viewer that supports sbs video
reshade vrtoolkit - reshade setup specifically for vr games


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