What systems and games I currently have.
I generally resell a game when I finish it, unless its multiplayer or I think I might play it again (rare).


controllers: steam, buffalo snes, xbone, ps5
accesories: avermedia gc311 capture card, ps2 karoke mic, blue yeti,
games: steam profile


ps4 slim 1tb
games: shadow of the colossus, bloodborne, danganronpa 1+2, blacksad, nioh 2, the witcher 3, assassins creed odyssey, final fantasy x/x-2 HD remaster, .hack//G.U., dishonored 2, the last of us, horizon zero dawn, kingdom hearts the story so far, edf 4.1, ghost of tsushima, final fantasy VII remake, persona 5 strikers, dragon quest XI, resident evil 7, fist of the north star: lost paradise, lords of the fallen, code vein, shadow of mordor, final fantasy XV


regular boring grey
games: smash, pokemon shield, animal crossing, sonic mania, untitled goose game, mario odyssey, zelda breath of the wild, kirby forgotten land, samurai warriors 5, monster quest stories 2, new pokemon snap, mario kart 8, the wonderful 101, astral chain, monster hunter rise, xenoblade chronicles 1, digimon cyber slueth, stern pinball arcade, wonder boy the dragon's trap
controllers: pro controller with a bad stick, 8bitdo sf-30 pro, powera wired, pdp faceoff wired, hori split pad pro


ps3 super slim 120gb
games: demon souls, vanquish, battlefield bad company 2, tom clancy rainbow 6 vegas 2, dark souls 2, catherine, mgs collection, jak & daxter collection, ratchet and clank tools of destruction, god of war collection, assassins creed IV, red dead redemption, rdr zombies, la noire, skate 3
accesories: usb adapter for ps4/5, xbox, switch controllers, hdmi splitter for hdcp removal


original purple 3ds
games: mario 3d land, lots of homebrew


original ds and black ds lite
games: homebrew