Links to things that I think are cool

🐻‍❄️Cool Friends

spg - free games and toys
cirrial - some old games, but they're still around

🧊Cool Sites - lots of old internet to explore, along with audio, video, and text.
e926 - furry art search - indie game hub. Free game hosting. Gamejam organizing. Tons of free games to explore.
web design museum - examples of websites in the early years and how they evolved.
scp wiki - lots of fun scary objects/creatures to read about
sketchfab - explore 3d models in your browser!
soundcloud - explore indie music
neocities - make your own website for free!
OGS - learn & play go online
sdf - get a free shell account and explore!
vimm's lair - the vault is very handy if you're into emulation
fortnite - stream through your browser for free
photopea - online photo editor. Still my go to for exporting animated pngs.
rom patcher - patch roms online
ambient cg - free pbr textures and hdris
vdo ninja - ever wonder how vtuber collabs have both of them onscreen?
esoteric archives - lots of old occult books
gifcities - search engine for gifs from geocities
jspaint - ms paint clone in your browser. Supports multiplayer & more
big z fabric - faux fur source for fursuits
cameron's world - geocities gifs art page
the phrontistery - rare english words
Reactive - animate avatars when people talk in discord. Useful for streams to show who's talking
discmaster - partial mirror of with a different search/browse interface
REDUMP - if a disc exists it probably has a page here. Have to find the contents on your own though
OBS-web - control your OBS through a website. Useful for switching scenes/etc on your phone

☃️Cool Software

godot - free 2d/3d game engine
drawpile - multiplayer drawing
yt-dlp - fork of youtube-dl. Download videos off the internet easily
kubuntu - using ubuntu is pretty easy
blender - 3d modeling + much more!
krita - the drawing software I use
vseeface - puppet a 3d model with your webcam
gifski - make really nice looking gifs
win10 iso - windows 10 from microsoft themselves
vaedotube mini - animates an image based on your voice. Fun for streams
azpainter - an open source paint tool sai clone that you have to compile yourself
flashpoint - flash (& more) preservation project.

🌨️Cool Streamers - watch a random twitch stream that has no viewers
jerma985 - funny variety streamer. Unique sense of humor.
thechief1114 - gta roleplayer. Light hearted, very funny character Fingle Dan.
penta - gta roleplayer. A bit edgey at times but funny.
tomato - variety streamer.
kyle - gta roleplayer.
moonmoon - variety streamer.
whiskeydingo - furry vtuber variety streamer.
roflgator - vrchat rp streamer.
jabroni mike - just chatting streamer often exploring strange internet things.
vinesauce joel - variety streamer.
fred knudsen - furry just chatting streamer. Discusses strange internet things.
ziggbee - furry vrchat streamer. Cute hangout streams.
trav piper - gta rp streamer.
milton t pike - variety and gta rp streamer.
doryuu - furry fps streamer.
vinny vinesauce - variety streamer. Also posts youtube only videos.
surefour - competitive fps streamer.
mst3k - official mystery science theater 3000 24/7 stream. Also check out RiffTrax
cr1tikal - variety & just chatting.
limmy - variety and rants. Different vibe than most. From the limmy show.

🐧Cool Youtubers

hirokuntv - japanese ufo catcher videos.
the gameshow channel - tons of old gameshow episodes
ABC7 - livestreams of chasing car chases in a helicopter
Shout! Factory tv - live streams of old tv shows, US, japanese, and more.

🏔️Cool Badges