I'll draw you stuff in exchange for money!

Art Commission Info

Contact me on Discord or by emailing me at comms@k0bold.com
Type Description Price Estimate Examples
3D Modeling Making things in lowpoly 3D. Includes textures and basic rigging for characters $30/hr here
3D Animated Scene A little animated 3d scene ~$120 this page
3D Animated Head Emotes A set of animated emotes/stickers ~$80 this page
Vtuber Avatar A VSeeFace compatible .vrm, face rigged ~$180 TODO video
2D Emotes Intended for Discord or Twitch, can include limited animation or very similar alts $15/emote here
PNGtuber Avatar Your character that talks when you talk when you stream. Also blinks. $50 here
Refsheet A refsheet of your character, usually a front 3/4 view + a back 3/4 view $80 here
Sketchpage I'll sketch out a bunch of whatever you want, includes rough colors $30/hr here
2D Illustration Your basic "Draw this" $30/hr
Spooky Pic A creepy lowres filtered image $30 this page

Programming Work

I have recent experience with 2D & 3D Godot and gdscript, and worked a java job before that. I like sql but its been a while. Not afraid to learn a new language (been interested in common lisp and python for a while). I know some basic html/css/javascript, I made this site after all. I know: linux, git, sql, godot + gdscript, java, html,
$40/hr is my intro rate because I haven't done any yet.
Contact me at freelance@k0bold.com