Autobiographical information
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Ace/Aro (Aegosexual )
Graduated MTU with a bachelors in software engineering.
Didn't start drawing until after college.
Grew up on n64 and gamecube. Then xbox -> 360 -> finally pc. Also have a switch.
Recently traded in a bunch of old consoles for a ps3 and ps4 to play games I missed.
I like cooking, cookies especially.
I started maining linux at the end of college.
I hate using my phone for much of anything but have been trying some mobile games recently.
Windows gaming rig: (for windows only games) win10, i7 5820k, gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb, 256gb ssd, 2tb hdd, 3 monitors, ps2 karoke mic,
Favorite foods: chili, cookies, nutty buddy's,
I hoarde old laptops and computers: t420, x220t, x61t, surface 3 pro i3, vivotab note 8, powerpc macbook, haswell i5/rx 580/8gb(?) ram/500gb hdd/shady psu old parts build, partial phenom II x4 955/7670(?) build
I keep salt, pepper, soy sauce, togarashi, tabasco at my desk.
I'd like to learn how to play go but I haven't put the time into it.
I have wobbly windows turned on.
Main rig: kubuntu, threadripper 1950x, rx 6600, 32gb ram, 512gb nvme, 2tb hdd, 4 monitors (one's a 21 in drawing tablet), model m, blue yeti, 3d space pilot